Amy Schliftman

Amy SchliftmanLet’s Start at the Very Beginning

Amy Schliftman says when her grandmother slipped a hand under her tee shirt and gave her a loving backrub, that indelible moment introduced her to the power of touch. Not much later, at three, she learned to relieve her father’s headaches perched on his shoulders rubbing and rubbing to make his pain go bye- bye.

It’s not surprising, that grown up Amy trained at Stanford where she got her degree in physical therapy. Over the next ten years, she worked around the Bay Area and did a four- month stint in Israel at a kibbutz. There, she discovered she could meet the PT needs of about 1000 people, infants to seniors working only half time. Like so many of us, she had visited and fallen in love with West Marin. Her Israel experience taught her that our small population would support a full time physical therapy practice.

In 1989, she opened her office in Point Reyes where she can see at least that many of us by working full time. Those visits are for all sorts of healing needs, including mainstream physical therapy and what Amy calls her spiritual practice: touching people who are working to heal themselves. All of us face physical challenges, and many of us have benefited from Amy’s skills, what she calls “nut-and-bolts” physical therapy and her profoundly intuitive bodywork.

Asked how her practice has changed over these twenty-five years, Amy says her work has always included a spiritual approach. She meets every client relationship with a finely tuned, moment-to-moment sensitivity. She believes it is her job to facilitate each client’s own healing practice. In the end, she insists, that healing is “none of her business.” Rather, each of us must undertake the path to health and wellbeing as our own journey. Amy brings skill, information, encouragement and love to the process. Those twenty-five years have deepened her experience, relational sensitivity and knowledge. These are the hallmarks of a truly mature and integrative practice.

Our community is fortunate to have her! Oh, and stop in to have a look at her gorgeous rock collection or, if you prefer, her adorable young yellow lab, River, who offers her own healing skills if you understand how to access them.

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