Carol and husband, Jimmy. and dogs.

Carol and husband, Jimmy. and dogs.

"Us" is meant to introduce us to ourselves. By us, I mean denizens of West Marin about whom we may or may not know much. Everyone has a story, and no one is boring. So the job I've created for myself is to talk to us and share those stories.

This began with a column for the Citizen, "How's Business?" The motivation was the same, but the focus was too narrow. Many of us are not working here, at least not in the usual business sense. So I decided to expand my reach and talk to folks just because they're here and because they agree to share with me and you via this website.

There's a certain amount of comfort with words and people that I've learned over the years, teaching writing and talking to anyone willing. It's not that hard to get folks to tell their stories if you're open to sharing yours. So the website is "Us." Once in a while I may find it irresistible to add something else, like a poem or joke or piece of news. For example, I found out that I'm not the only victim who houses mice in her car. Sean Bracken told me about the efficacy of mothballs. Believe me, they stink up the car, but it works...for a while. Another great find was the youth center near West Marin school which is full of busy kids who might otherwise have no place to hang out. Here's one more example of what I've learned just by talking to people: hospice and palliative care is available at our invaluable Stockstill House. That's a big deal!

Please indulge me by admiring the four legged guys in the picture. The two legged guy puts up with all of us. You might run into them at Giacomini Wetlands, on leash needless to say, or Millerton or Chicken Ranch when the tide is in and they can swim, chase old tennis balls, and get filthy.

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